Month: August 2019

Diaphragmatic Breathing

What Exactly is The Diaphragm? The diaphragm is a muscle that sits underneath your ribs separating the thoracic cavity (the space for your heart and lungs) from your abdominal cavity (the space for your guts). When this muscle contracts, it flattens, and draws air into the lungs giving you a healthy breathing. Luckily this muscle contracts involuntarily and works without you thinking about it, keeping you alive 24/7. Despite it working on its own, there …

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Health vs. Well-Being

Physical health may be easy to define as the absence of disease or illness. If your cholesterol levels are in the right zone, good for you, (honestly – this is a good thing) you have optimal cholesterol health. Health in terms of well-being however is a little harder to define.   Well-being can be described as the mental and physical state that allows us to not only survive, but thrive as individuals. The World Health Organisation …

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