Ogimi people sitting on a stairs

Ode to Longevity

Ogimi people sitting on a stairs

Poem recited by a centenarian Ōgimi Resident

To keep healthy and have a long life,

eat just a little of everything with relish,

Go to bed early, get up early, and then go out for a walk.

We live each day with serenity and we enjoy the journey.

To keep healthy and have a long life, 

We get on well with all of our friends.

Spring, summer, fall, winter, 

We happily enjoy all the seasons.

The secret is to not get distracted by how old the fingers are;

From the fingers to the head and back once again. 

If you keep on moving with your fingers working, 100 years will come to you.

“Ikagai – The Japanese secret to a long happy life”. Hector Garcia & Francesc Miralles. 2016

(English translation by Steven Tolliver)

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