Onboarding Services for New Employees

Workshops, Assessments and 1:1 Support


Our onboarding services focus on prevention of work-related injuries and postural complaints, to ensure that your new employees are prepared for work. We demonstrate how they can work with their bodies in a healthy way. They will learn how to recognise when something is bothering them, and what actions to take before injury. This service can be employed as a one-off or as a quarterly service.

Onboarding Package

Our services for new employees include the following:

  • Workshop: Introduction to Ergonomics and Workplace Health
  • Employee Health and well-being reports (see details under Company-Wide Services). The survey can be customised to your company’s specific needs and requirements.
  • 1:1 call with employees in need of additional support and guidance.

We also provide training sessions such as manual handling skills and stress management. If you need something particular for your team’s skill set, contact us to start a conversation.