Organisation-Wide Services

Interactive workshops, health and well-being assessments, body and mind sessions and mini-breaks. 

Interactive Workshops

Below is a short overview of our workshops:

  • Posture and Ergonomics (most popular) – Ergonomic hacks to optimise your workstation and education on how to understand your posture at work with physiotherapist-led exercises for common postural complaints.
  • Mental health at work (stress and focus) – Education and self-assessment to increase knowledge of mental health warning signs. Easy to apply exercises for stress alleviation.
  • Mindfulness and relaxation – Guided mindfulness techniques for relaxation. Practical tips to promote increased focus and decreased sense of stress in everyday activities.
  • Food and intuitive eating – Education around assessing individual relationship with food. Practical advice on improving food habits to promote self-care.

This is a short overview. Please contact us for the full list of workshops. We always customise our workshops to fit your company’s needs. If you would like to have more adaptations or a workshop created on a specific topic, please send us a message.

Health and Well-Being Assessments


Ergonomics and Workplace Health Assessment Survey for employees. This is a baseline ergonomics and health survey to assess your employees needs at work. The survey can be customised to your company’s specific needs and requirements.

Based on this survey, we create two reports. 

  • Individual workplace ergonomics and health recommendations for each employee.
  • Overview report of the results for HR.

These reports outline employee survey findings including recommendations for additional support or technical equipment.

Body and Mind Sessions


Our Body and Mind sessions are 45-60 minute duration, in-person or online. These sessions are developed  by physiotherapists, and include training, stretching, breathwork and mindfulness to tackle common issues such as postural complaints and mental fatigue.

Our Body and Mind Mini-Breaks are guided, short well-being pauses that can be done with your teams on a daily basis to boost productivity and sense of vitality.

Body and Mind Mini-Breaks


These short 10-20 minute breaks, provide habit formation support in taking short time-outs to care for the body and mind whilst working. Topics are varied, such as invigoration, ergonomics, mobility and relaxation. Modifications are provided to ensure everyone can take part. These virtual breaks can be enjoyed live, or for those who are unable to attend at the set time or day, recorded for a more convenient time.