Burnout - Prevention and Recovery

Physiotherapy, movement, massage, intuitive eating

For employees that are experiencing burnout or pre-burnout symptoms, we provide personalised support through body work to increase resilience. To ensure success, these interventions last a minimum of three months.

Thorough Intake

First, we conduct a thorough intake assessment, which includes:

  • Pain, injury and other stress-related physical complaints
  • Movement and training assessment
  • Self-care and resilience assessment, including nutrition and relaxation.

Personal Treatment Plan

 Based on these assessments, a multidisciplinary and personalised intervention is curated. Our team provides a combination of graded intervention approaches, depending on the needs of the individual, such as:
  • Physiotherapy treatments to address stress-related pain and tension.
  • Personalised training and movement therapy to increase physical and mental resilience.
  • A combination of massage and/or acupuncture to decrease stress and promote relaxation.
  • Intuitive eating and gentle nutrition sessions to build an approach to food that supports physical and mental health.