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We’ve had a workshop from Ogimi Health on ergonomics while working from home. This was really helpful, the content of the workshop was complete yet snappy, and it was brought in an engaging and clear way. Our employees were really happy with the learnings. Also the contact and organization with Nadia and Ines went smooth, quickly and professional.
Thomas Bickes
HR Manager , Creative Clicks
The training was very helpful. We have learned valuable tips, exercises, and information on how to organise our workspace. I would recommend the Ogimi Team for supporting your team members’ well-being.
People team, fairphone
My workday has improved since HiiL started with the Ogimi Health survey. I daily perform the ergonomic exercises. I was able to make changes to my desk area, because I am now aware about which equipment or screen set-up is best for me.
It's incredibly helpful having some guidance and a reliable cadence when it comes to keeping healthy in the workplace, and I find that this trial program really made a difference for me personally.
Thanks Nadia and Ines, thanks to you my posture and desk setup in general has improved dramatically.
Senior back-end engineer, aidence
I liked the daily stretches, I feel relaxed and it is good to have a scheduled time to stand up and take a break from work.
I liked the cross-team breaks and meditation sessions. It's a really good place to stretch and have some interaction with colleagues.

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