About Us

Ōgimi is a village in Japan, famous for the longevity of its residents. Many studies have been conducted to discover the secrets of their lifestyle and the foundation of their philosophy is quite simple: healthy diet, regular exercise & a sense of community.

Nothing we didn’t know already right? Then why does it often seem so difficult to change our lifestyle for the better?

Changing and sustaining healthy habits is no small feat. Having free access to a gym or yoga lessons once per week might not be suitable for those who are new to these environments, or simply find exercise too difficult to maintain.

At Ogimi Health we love to build connected & healthy organisations, by creating inclusive & accessible healthy habits within the workday. Through simple routines, easy yet powerful exercises & relevant education that can be incorporated on a daily basis, your work community is empowered for healthy changes. With challenges & group activities curated for you, we bring the Ōgimi philosophy into the workplace to boost well-being. Creating spaces where balance, satisfaction and belonging meet.

Key Focus:

  • Holistic view: Nutrition, regular exercise, sense of community
  • Inclusive
  • Creating habits

Our Team

Inês Fernandes

Ergonomics and Movement Specialist
(MSc Human Movement, PGCert Applied Ergonomics and Human Factors, BSc Physiotherapy)

I am a Human Movement Specialist, certified as professional ergonomist (AEP)® who is passionate about finding creative solutions to help people work and live healthier. I achieve this through designing workplace interventions that promote healthy habits, reduce stress, burnout and injuries. I love to empower people to achieve their best performance, think outside the box and collaborate in a team to drive outstanding business results.

My ambition is to raise awareness of the best ways to use one’s body during operational tasks in order to increase productivity, allowing for efficient and safe work practices.

Nadia Labort

Ergonomics and Movement Specialist
(MSc Physiotherapy, BSc Exercise Physiology, Pilates and Sports Instructor)

I am an Australian trained Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, certified as professional ergonomist (AEP)® with a passion for functional, effective and practical movement. I believe health should be in the hands of the individual, and strive to assist my clients with the skills to understand their own bodies, both how to prevent injuries, and manage the ones that come along. 

From Australia to Switzerland and now the Netherlands, my ambition is to help individuals understand their bodies and how to care for it. My passion lies in creating avenues that enable health information and choices to be accessible to all, from the sports track to the desk job and beyond.