About Us

Ōgimi, Okinawa, Japan: a blue-zone village famous for its healthy and happy centenarians. The residents of Ōgimi report three keystones at the core of their lifestyle: a strong sense of community, daily habits that require variation of movement and a nutritious diet.

At Ogimi Health by Wijs, we aim to bring the keystones of the Ōgimi lifestyle into the modern workplace. Workplace injury, burnout and employee turnover is costly to any company and your people. We help your employees be healthy, happy and productive “workplace centenarians”.

Our Expertise

Health and well-being in the workplace and beyond is complex and individual, and calls for a diverse approach. We work with multiple, body-focused approaches that impact physical, mental and emotional well-being, in combination with education and coaching. This includes education sessions, movement therapy, physiotherapy, relaxation techniques and food coaching. as well as alternative therapies such as massage and acupuncture. Our team of physiotherapists, intuitive eating counsellors, educators and coaches have expertise in:

  • Injury Rehabilitation
  • Burnout Rehabilitation
  • Ergonomics and Posture
  • Movement and Mobility
  • Stress Management and Mindfulness
  • Intuitive Eating and Gentle Nutrition
  • Sustainable Habit Forming

Everyone can thrive

Preventative health at work

We believe that all employees can gain an enhanced understanding of how to work with their unique body and mind to increase concentration, improve stress management and enhance general well-being. We work with all levels of your teams to develop a tailored and sustainable organisational health initiative, where everyone in your workplace can build sustainable, healthier habits. Successful initiatives are those that support everyone, not only the most health-conscious.

We believe that all companies, big or small, should be able to provide employees with education and support to create a healthy working environment to prevent negative and costly health outcomes Therefore, we keep our prices accessible.

Our Founders

Nadia Labort

Co-Founder - Ogimi Health
Ergonomics and Movement Specialist
(MSc Physiotherapy, BSc Exercise Physiology, Pilates and Sports Instructor)

I am an Australian trained Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, certified as professional ergonomist (AEP)® with a passion for functional, effective and practical movement. I believe health should be in the hands of the individual, and strive to assist my clients with the skills to understand their own bodies, both how to prevent injuries, and manage the ones that come along. 

From Australia to Switzerland and now the Netherlands, my ambition is to help individuals understand their bodies and how to care for it. My passion lies in creating avenues that enable health information and choices to be accessible to all, from the sports track to the desk job and beyond.

Gijs Ligtenberg

Founder - Wijs Gym & Fysio
Physiotherapist, Personal Trainer, Movement Scientist, Founder

Ines Fernandes

Co-Founder - Ogimi Health
Ergonomics and Movement Specialist
(MSc Human Movement, PGCert Applied Ergonomics and Human Factors, BSc Physiotherapy)

I am a Human Movement Specialist, certified as professional ergonomist (AEP)® who is passionate about finding creative solutions to help people work and live healthier. I achieve this through designing workplace interventions that promote healthy habits, reduce stress, burnout and injuries. I love to empower people to achieve their best performance, think outside the box and collaborate in a team to drive outstanding business results.

My ambition is to raise awareness of the best ways to use one’s body during operational tasks in order to increase productivity, allowing for efficient and safe work practices.