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    Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped, often related to the work situation. It is a result of prolonged, emotional, physical and mental stress, and leaves the individual feeling overwhelmed, emotionally drained and struggling to keep up with work and other daily demands. Burnout manifests itself through the mind and the body:  Mind: feeling overwhelmed, difficulty to focus, emotionally drained, cynical, lack of enthusiasm. Body: Physical exhaustion, low energy, headaches, neck
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    Ines Fernandes
    You arrive at the office, first things first… Grab a cup of coffee, say hello to your colleagues, go to your desk and now you are ready to start your day… Check e-mails, organise your to-do list, maybe even having a team stand-up. A day just like any other, right? That same day you receive a company-wide e-mail letting you know that for the next 2 weeks (at least!) you will be working from home.
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    Poem recited by a centenarian Ōgimi Resident To keep healthy and have a long life, eat just a little of everything with relish, Go to bed early, get up early, and then go out for a walk. We live each day with serenity and we enjoy the journey. To keep healthy and have a long life,  We get on well with all of our friends. Spring, summer, fall, winter,  We happily enjoy all the seasons.
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    Nadia Labort
    Burnout, the # 1 topic of well-being in 2019, and with good reason. In May 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO), officially included burnout in the International Classification of Diseases. Interestingly it’s included, not as a disease or medical condition, but rather as an occupational phenomenon. Whilst this classification can be debated in its usefulness of creating awareness and reducing stigma, the addition by WHO will certainly push for future research and analysis of burnout. Before tackling burnout, it
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    Nadia Labort
    November in 2 sentences: “I cant believe it’s so dark”“I’m really tired already ” (+ does anyone have hand cream?) I have uttered that sentence countless times in the past 3 weeks. Despite experiencing 3 previous European winters, it seems I have not yet acclimatized to this experience. Many Dutch locals have told me to give up on this pipe dream. The increase of these phrases can be a signal to take a little more
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    Foosball Table. Check. Sandwich Bar. Check. Nespresso, fresh fruit, and a stand up desk. Check. Check. and Check. In today’s modern work spaces, these kind of perks are almost a given, and whilst this isn’t a bad thing, without addressing some of the factors that have been shown to actually impact employee engagement and happiness, you could be looking at walk-outs and burnouts no matter how many free toasties you line up for. Professor Kahn,
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    What Exactly is The Diaphragm? The diaphragm is a muscle that sits underneath your ribs separating the thoracic cavity (the space for your heart and lungs) from your abdominal cavity (the space for your guts). When this muscle contracts, it flattens, and draws air into the lungs giving you a healthy breathing. Luckily this muscle contracts involuntarily and works without you thinking about it, keeping you alive 24/7. Despite it working on its own, there
  • Nadia Labort
    Physical health may be easy to define as the absence of disease or illness. If your cholesterol levels are in the right zone, good for you, (honestly – this is a good thing) you have optimal cholesterol health. Health in terms of well-being however is a little harder to define.   Well-being can be described as the mental and physical state that allows us to not only survive, but thrive as individuals. The World Health Organisation

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