Our Workshops

All Ogimi Health workshops can be run in person or virtually. Workshop time is set at ~45 min, to allow time after the presentation for interactive questions between staff and the Ogimi Health Team within the hour time frame. Something you wish to focus on? These workshops are based on common issues facing modern working life, but every company is unique, let us know what you would like a little extra help with! ☺

WFH – How to optimise the situation

1h Workshop (max. 30 participants)

With the uncertainties of group regulations, WFH will likely be some part of our “normal” working future. So is your WFH space the best that it can be? In this workshop you will learn:

child and dog touching laptop

The Mental Health Continuum – Where are you at?

1h Workshop (max. 30 participants)

Breaking the stigma – this has gained awareness in recent times, but how much do you know about mental health, and how can you fluctuate throughout the Mental Health Continuum? In this workshop you will learn:

Bend, don’t Break – Burnout Prevention

1h Workshop (max. 30 participants)

Chronic work stress that is not managed appropriately can lead to burnout. With some amount of stress being inevitable as you achieve goals and deadlines, how can you enhance your abilities in undertaking workloads, as well as understand when that load is reaching your capacity? In this workshop you will learn:

Working with your Posture

1h Workshop (max. 10 participants)

Your body is always working for you, whether chilling on the couch, working from home, playing with friends and family or engaging in new sports and hobbies. You may be lucky enough to do most things in like without too many complaints, but how can you find out how to both optimise your body movement that you have and decrease common aches and pains that occur with modern work?

This interactive workshop with Physiotherapists from Ogimi Health will educate you on common postural aches/pains experienced when working from home, and walk you through exercises, releases and techniques to give your body the attention that it needs!

What you need:

Steer Your Day - Using Mindfulness to manage stress and daily habits

45min Workshop (max. 30 participants)

Even though everyone experiences stress, it is still hard to define in words. This workshop will cover the meaning of stress and the effect of stressors on individuals, particularly at work. One way to practically deal with stress is the practice of Mindfulness. Rather than using mindfulness as an abstract concept or term for relaxation, this workshop covers how to practically use mindfulness techniques in 3 important strategies for managing stress: