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Our mission is to help businesses create a healthy, satisfying and connected working culture

Our Workshops

Our workshops are delivered virtually or in-person. 

WFH – How to optimise the situation

With the uncertainties of group regulations, WFH will likely be some part of our “normal” working future. So is your WFH space the best that it can be?

The Mental Health Continuum – Where are you at?

Breaking the stigma – this has gained awareness in recent times, but how much do you know about mental health, and how can you fluctuate throughout the Mental Health Continuum?

Bend, don’t Break – Burnout Prevention

Chronic work stress that is not managed appropriately can lead to burnout. With some amount of stress being inevitable as you achieve goals and deadlines, how can you enhance your abilities in undertaking workloads, as well as understand when that load is reaching your capacity?

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Our Inspiration

Ōgimi is a world-famous village in Japan, known for the number of centenarians living there. Many studies have been conducted to discover the secrets of their lifestyle and the answer is quite simple: healthy diet, regular exercise and a sense of community.

At Ogimi Health we bring the Ōgimi philosophy into the workplace to boost well-being.

Ogimi Well-being

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Connecting to yourself

Regular exercise and movement is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Easy, modifiable and fun breaks of exercise in the workday exerts benefits on both the body and the brain


Connecting to each other

Working together towards common goals outside of work tasks builds a community spirit, and encourages collaboration and enhanced communication

Our Healthy Clients

Implementing Workplace Well-being Programs

I liked the daily stretches, I feel relaxed and it is good to have a scheduled time to stand up and take a break from work.
I liked the cross-team breaks and meditation sessions. It's a really good place to stretch and have some interaction with colleagues.

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Our Products

Co-designed with you - a tailored fit for your company​

Co-designed with you - a tailored fit for your company

Develop strong, committed employee relationships​

Develop strong, committed employee relationships

Assist to create platforms where employees can perform and stay at their best​

Assist to create platforms where employees can perform and stay at their best