Ogimi Health by Wijs

Helping Your People Thrive

What we do

Ogimi Health by Wijs offer affordable services to companies to help your people thrive. Our method combine body-focused, practical work with coaching, education and health and wellbeing assessments to improve sense of wellbeing at work. We work with all levels of your organisation, and offer services for groups and teams, for new employees and for individuals. 

Organisation-Wide Services

Our organisation-wide services include interactive workshops, health and well-being assessments and body and mind sessions and mini-breaks.

Onboarding Services

Our onboarding services focus on prevention of work-related injuries and postural complaints, to ensure that your new employees work with their body in a healthy way.

Resilience Services

For employees that are experiencing burnout or pre-burnout symptoms, we help improve resilience through personalised, body-focused work and guidance.

Our Story

Ōgimi is a world-famous village in Japan, known for the number of centenarians living there. Many studies have been conducted to discover the secrets of their lifestyle and the answer is quite simple: healthy diet, regular exercise and a sense of community. Together with professional health community in Amsterdam, Wijs, we bring the Ōgimi philosophy into the workplace to improve health, increase sense of wellbeing and enhance focus. 

Our Healthy Clients

Implementing Ogimi Health by Wijs Well-Being Programs 

I liked the daily stretches, I feel relaxed and it is good to have a scheduled time to stand up and take a break from work.
I liked the cross-team breaks and meditation sessions. It's a really good place to stretch and have some interaction with colleagues.

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